We build startups.

At Metric Impact we incubate startups through a meticulous process we have perfected throughout the years. We are passionate about startups and categorize our trade as “startup manufacturers”. Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of identifying emerging niches and developing applications that can fulfill emerging market needs. Since 2010 we have been delivering turnkey startups to entrepreneurs and private equity funds who come to us looking to invest and build businesses in the digital world.

Our aim is to connect with the best suited owners for monetizable, widely automated, highly scalable, digital applications and platforms.

Our Method

Research & Opportunity Identification: Our incubation program starts with careful research of market trends and a thorough brainstorming stage that identifies emerging markets and potential market niches.

Branding & Development: Once our market research team finds an area of opportunity, the project is left to our branding and development team. This is the stage where we code and brand the product/service to convert it into a marketable startup.

Sales Phase: Once our startup is tested and ready to find a new owner the startup goes out for sale. Our sales team uses diverse marketing channels to connect with entrepreneurs and private equity funds for each startup.

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