Technological consulting is the field in which we advise and advise our clients on issues related to new technologies. How you implement and how to use information technologies to achieve your business objectives. Additionally, we estimate, manage, implement, install and administer the computer systems in a subcontracting regime.

Integral services

From the sourcing of industrial machinery, to the implementation of videoconferencing and security systems for your company we have the experience, contacts and knowledge to advise you and offer you the solution for your company.

We have experience in procurement and logistics from China and the United States to reach the best suppliers of technology products. To complement the supply of products, we have the knowledge and the necessary equipment to install the solutions directly in the client’s facilities.


For companies that work in projects of high or new technology that require heavy researching we can provide the adequate research and consultancy with a high capacity to obtain research results accompanied with our integral services.

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