March 31, 2019 How to Become a Leader When You’re an introvert?

How to Become a Leader When You’re an introvert?

Movies and shows like The Wolf of Wall Street and House of Cards have created an impression universally, that for a leader in both business and the world, it is a prerequisite to be outspoken, quick witted, and more often than not extroverts.

But, what about the introvert’s side of the story? How do the quiet, humble listeners prove themselves to be a company’s Point Person?

“Most people I interact with, doesn’t know I am an Introvert”

When you sit down to talk to some of the CEOs about their personality type, the chance that you hear this statement, is quite high.

But, have you ever wondered how they pull off being comfortable with themselves while not being misunderstood and disregarded. How leaders like Andrea Jung, Charles Schwab, and Katherine Graham not just survive but top the extrovert business culture?

Today, we will look at the ways one can play being an introvert in the go go go outspoken world in their favor and become the best leader who takes their people together towards bringing the company to its highest potential.


Don’t try to be an extrovert


Since childhood, we have been hearing how we should come out of our shell and talk to people. The pressure only gets worse when we see the extroverts getting all the attention – in job and life in general. More often than not, in order to be seen, we end up talking a lot, participating in things that are not to our liking. And none of it turns out well.


As introverts looking to succeed in the talkative world, the first step to survival is to be comfortable with not having to add something in all conversation. Only when you are okay being the silent one, we can work on making you the efficient leader.


Make use of your Superpower – Your Listening Skill


How many times have you seen managers pinning their underperforming employees down by saying they need to buck up or leave? Quite a lot, right?

And how many times have you heard those employees get together and complain that the work environment is not healthy? I am sure that number would also be on the higher side.


We know how corporates tend to lose good employees just because of not being supportive or understanding. But, you can change this.

By listening to your team members instead of putting them in the spotlight, you will not just be able to sustain them but would also gain respect from them.

Take time off


While the extroverts take pleasure in being the center of attraction, a part of all discussions, introverts on the other side, need solitary time every now and then to recharge themselves, look down at the hours that went and plan those to come.


While it is difficult as a leader to take a time off in middle of the work hour, as you constantly have to read a paper, give your opinion/idea, here’s how you can achieve that –

  • Put a Do Not Disturb sign on your Skype
  • Tell your team that you will be unavailable between so and so time
  • Close your cabin door to have an undisturbed time off


There are ways to take those little breaks in a working day, but what is important is what you do in that time. Here’s what Obama did when he was the President of USA.

But you can start with breathing and making notes of things you want to change and the issues that need your attention. In short, use the time to sit back and get your thought together.

Prepare to be authoritative in Meetings


Another difficult thing for an introvert to achieve is to be authoritative in meetings and time when they have to confront someone. While it helps to take advice from someone who has been in the position and get a walkthrough, you have to do a lot by yourself.


In meetings, it helps to fix an agenda and prepare all the possible questions that might be thrown at you around it. By keeping the stock of all the information well in advance, you can come around as assertive and bold in meetings and work discussions that are led by you.

The same works in time of confrontation as well. By keeping your data ready, you can hold a speaker position in the discussion rather than the listener.


Are you an Introvert? How did you or plan to become a charismatic Leader?



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