We have worked in and around startups for 10+ years and therefore we are well versed in the investment side of startups. It all started some years ago when venture capitalists, angel investors and other investor types started approaching us asking about investment opportunities. After continuous dialogue we understood their needs and have developed timeframes and capital round structures for their investments that could best fit our startups and those of our clients.

As an asset classventure capital has the potential to provide significant alpha to a portfolio and therefore has been a fixture in sophisticated institutional investor portfolios for years. Venture capital investment can be an attractive addition to most diversified portfolios.

We have delivered above industry ROIs for years. For investing opportunities you may contact us directly at investments@metricimpact.com

Make sure to include information about you and your fund, your investment range, and your approximate dates for fund deployment. We will assess your investor profile and contact you back as soon as possible.

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