Startup name: WebSecMonitor

Startup website: https://WebSecMonitor.com

Startup description: A completely automated SAAS web security suite.

Products offered: SAAS web security suite that includes, amongst many tools, 24/7 website monitoring for uptime, website virus scanner, port scanner, WHOIS tools. The basic plan price for the whole suite is $9 dollars per website per month. There is also bulk pricing offered.

Market Size: As of 2019 there are 1.6 billion websites (TechJury). The service offered is useful to any website in the internet looking to improve their security and uptime practices.

Why customers need it: In today’s internet world, cyber security is a need for every website. WebSecMonitor protects them from malware, cyber attacks and down time.

Financial Forecast(hypothetical): If the business reaches 1000 active customers it would be making about $10,000 dollars per month or $120,000 per year.

Operations: This startup’s system runs completely on Auto Pilot as all the tools, pricing and payment channels are in place. The system has active cron jobs working 24/7 to do the recurrent tasks for the customers. As a new owner your main job will be to market it.

Price: Our pricing is pretty straight forward. It is composed of the tasks required to achieve our turnkey startups, at competitive market prices but you save the time to develop it and get our know how for free. The market research, premium domain, premium design and premium development of the application is really all you are paying for.

Delivery Method and Time: Once we receive your payment, we will go ahead and transfer the domain ownership and the application files to your possession in the next 12-72 hours. We can assist in the installation and provide advise for hosting the application.

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