Startup name: EmailSnag

Startup website:

Startup description: A completely automated Email List Building application that is offered as software as a service.

Product highlights: A beautiful and easy to use Email List Building application offered as a monthly service to customers. EmailSnag is a powerful web based system for building emails lists by extracting emails. EmailSnag makes meticulous searches using user instructions and keywords to find target audiences. It will crawl websites, specific URLs, search in Google/Bing, social networks. It can also search in your own uploaded files to extract only the emails from any file.

Market Size: There are approximately 1.5 billion websites as of 2019(Internet Live Stats).  Most website owners look for email lists to expand their audience. The software is offered as a service to customers through a Free Trial and 4 different packages depending on the use and email list size the customer is looking for. Our preset pricing ranges from smallest package at $9USD per month all the way to largest pacakge at $75USD per month.

Why customers need it: While digital marketing tactics change there is one that has remained constant since the beginning of the internet. That is email marketing. EmailSnag offers an unparalleled, automated, legal way of obtaining email contacts to build targeted email lists. Useful for any website owner looking to increase their audience.

Financial Forecasts(hypothetical):

If the business reaches 100 active customers it would be making about $3,500 dollars per month or $42,000 per year.

If the business reaches 1,000 active customers it would be making about $35,000 dollars per month or $420,000 per year.

If the business reaches 10,000 active customers it would be making about $350,000 dollars per month or $4,200,000 per year.

Operations: This business runs completely on Auto Pilot as all the tools, documentation, pricing and payment channels are in place. The new owner’s main job will be to market it.

Operating costs: Hosting is about $5 dollars per month. Marketing costs will vary depending on your marketing strategy and results.

Price: Our pricing is pretty straight forward. It is composed of the tasks required to achieve our turnkey startups, at competitive market prices but you save the time to develop it and get our know how for free. The market research, premium domain, premium design and premium development of the application is really all you are paying for.

Delivery Method and Time: Once we receive your payment, we will go ahead and transfer the domain ownership and the application files to your possession in the next 12-72 hours. We can assist in the installation and provide advise for hosting the application.

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