Facebook Auto Marketing


Gain targeted and organic exposure to your audience with Instagram Automated Marketing Service

** This is a 1 MONTH ENGAGEMENT SERVICE for BUSINESS and PERSONAL Instagram accounts **



We’ll automate your Facebook account to do whatever you want 24 hours per day.

Great for Facebook Account Organic Growth and for promoting ideas, products or services in a very targeted and organic way.

Good for business and personal accounts NOT FAN PAGES.

How does it work?

1. We will find target accounts and posts based on interests, location, gender, keywords, hashtags and / or competitors accounts.

2. We will like, follow, comment according to your needs

What we need from you:

– Username

– Password (we will be operating your account in your name)

– Targeting information

– Action selection

Common objectives of our customers:

1. Increase Real and active followers.

2. Greater engagement in your Facebook profile.

3. Target audience according to their niche, location, gender and competitors.

4. Interaction with followers and friends, which increases their exposure.

5. Increase sales by talking to their target market when and how they want it.


Service is for one month. Once it expires you will receive an email that will invite you to renew your service.

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