IG Targeted Mentions


Service Status

  • #1 Social Marketing Strategy
  • Extremely Targeted
  • Mention Followers competitor/similar accounts
  • Every unit includes 1000 mentions
  • 100% Deliverability Rate
  • Option to user your custom list of usernames


IG targeted mentions is the modern, most precise, efficient and massive way to spread a message to prospects.


Not to brag BUT this is truly the fastest and most efficient internet marketing service in existence. We have thousands of happy customers.

The way it works is we mention users that follow a specific account. For example, if you want to target people that like furniture in New York, all you need to do is find the most popular furniture accounts from New York. Once you do that, you send us your order. We will mention followers of the account(as many as you buy). You see the magic? We will be directing laser targeted prospects to any post you wish. It is really a neat way to get instant and targeted attention to your business, event or organization.

In the username field just enter an account username whose followers from that account you wish to target. OR if you have a list of usernames you may enter them instead.

Every unit you buy includes 1000 mentions. Buy as many as you wish. There is no limit on the number of units you can buy.

Delivery takes 6-48 hours. So order and we’ll take care of the rest.😉


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