MicroChambas | Mexico’s Digital Service Marketplace




Startup name: MicroChambas

Startup website: https://microchambas.com

Startup description: A completely automated business, a digital service marketplace targeted for Mexico. Still no direct competition!

Domain value: This premium domain name is valued at $399 by Godaddy

Product highlights:

  • Quickly find a reliable seller to get things done

John wants a logo for his business. With MicroChambas, you can help John find a lot of people who have good design skills after a single click. John just needs to select the best one.

  • Simple one-step search

Search by keyword, filter by categories and tags. With only a single click, buyer can find what he wants.

  • Reliable reviews & ratings

Read other buyers’ feedback, and see the sellers’ portfolio. It’s now easier to choose the most talented and reputable seller.

  • Sell professional services & earn more

Jessica is a designer, and wants to earn extra money with her design skills in her free time. With MicroChambas, you can help Jessica build a reputable profile, offer impressive services and reach more customers.

  • Impressive service detail page

Informative service description, intuitive sample pictures. Reliable ratings, buyer reviews, and sales figures.

  • Beautifultly-crafted profile page

Simple and beautiful profile info. Sellers can control all services they provide in their profile page.


Market Size: Mexico’s freelance market grew by over 180 percent in 2017, and one of the factors behind the development of this trend are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), since they provide freelancers with the opportunity to collaborate with specific tasks for their businesses as a way to complement their work team. Mexico has one of the largest percentages of freelancers in Latin America, 12% of the country’s workforce.(source)

Why customers need it: Small and medium sized businesses in Mexico are constantly looking for cost efficient alternatives to get things done and improve productivity. A digital services marketplace in their currency and their language is something they would definitely cherish.

Financial Forecast(hypothetical):

If the business reaches 1000 active users it would be making about $200,000 pesos per month or $2,400,000 pesos per year.

If the business reaches 10,000 active users it would be making about $2,000,000 pesos per month or $20,400,000 pesos per year.

If the business reaches 100,00 active users it would be making about $20,000,000 pesos per month or $200,400,000 pesos per year.

Operations: This business runs completely on Auto Pilot with exception to the dispute handling which can be handled very easily even from a mobile phone. Also if not using Paypal adpative payments you might need to send seller payment withdrawals manually to their banks.

Price: Our pricing is pretty straight forward. It is composed of the tasks required to achieve our turnkey startups, at competitive market prices but you save the time to develop it and get our know how for free. The market research, premium domain, premium design and premium development of the application is really all you are paying for.

Delivery Method and Time: Once we receive your payment, we will go ahead and transfer the domain ownership and the application files to your possession in the next 12-72 hours. We can assist in the installation and provide advise for hosting the application.

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